Response Timer iPhone App
What's in a response?

Each neuron in your brain takes about 5 milliseconds (0.005 seconds) to

To respond to an event like the light going on in this app, the cells in your
eye's retina chemically respond to the change and send a signal up the
optic nerve.  Neurons in your brain fire in a certain sequence until you
can be said to "realize" that the light is on.  Then you "decide" to press
the button by other neurons firing, eventually communicating down to a
nerve to your finger which then needs to move.  How long does all this
take?  Does it vary in different situations?

This is a simple app.  Press the Start button, then wait for the green light
to go on.  The delay is random, anywhere from 2 seconds to 6 seconds
to keep you from anticipating it.  Press the big red button as fast as you
can.  Your response time in seconds shows on the display at top.  

Your last ten times are averaged to show your average score.  

The info page shows the last ten scores, lets you clear these scores, lets
you turn on a beep to accompany the light, and suggests different
scenarios for response testing.

Challenge your friends.  Test how your own response time varies for
different situations of alertness and levels of distraction.  (Nothing illegal,
This was my first iPhone App.  It was
originally a physical device as a PIC
microcontroller project, but I realized I
could share it with far more people as
an App.
Support Page for Response Timer
Available now on the iPhone and iPod Touch App Store or through iTunes