PIC Projects
A few years ago I started programming PIC microcontrollers for a grad school project.  I was amazed that you can buy a
computer for three bucks.  I found several PIC hobby web sites and decided as soon as I had more time I'd try a few
things for fun.

Click on any of the pictures below to see a full-page description of the project.
Sites that I found useful:
Naked Clock, a wall clock with no non-electrical
components.  I like to think it's art or something.
Shrieker, a tone-generator to test the upper limit
of your hearing, from 10,000 Hz to 22,000 Hz.
Gear Clock rotates one revolution in twelve hours.  I
didn't design it, but changed out the driving
mechanism with a microcontoller-based circuit.
Soundtrack; what project isn't improved by the ability to
belt out the clown juggling song or the Benny Hill theme?  
Built to demonstrate Persistence of Vision, POV Clock
shows one digit at a time until they blur together (you
have to watch the video).
The Various Clocks
Playing with Sound
This one was a gift for my sister-in-law.  Julianne
Clock alternates the time with a special message.
For now I drive a green Toyota Camry, but with Dixie Horn,
I'll be one step closer to my Dukes of Hazzard heroes.
The Good Old "Miscellaneous" Category
Color Globe, a kind of mood light that uses a full-color
LED to make a globe that slowly shifts colors.
With the Infrared Theremin, play tunes by simply
wiggling your fingers over the lights.
The first program I did was in assembly code.  All projects since have
been in the C language.  The $150 compiler from CCS was well worth it.  

I use the PICSTART Plus as a programmer along with MPLAB IDE from
Finally something useful!  This Digital Oscilloscope uses
microcontrollers to measure voltages and displays on a PC screen
I didn't like the functioning of my old radio alarm
, so I retrofitted it with my own logic and a
second display.