Julianne Clock
PIC Projects
My sister-in-law was impressed by Naked
Clock and wanted one of her own.  I wasn't
about to recreate the same project, so I
designed this one just for her.  It usually
displays the time, but every 20 seconds or
so a special message scrolls across.
Julianne is way more hip than I am, so I
knew it would need some serious bling.  I
went with a conventional circuit board but
mounted in a silver picture frame with
rhinestones.  I wonder if it's the first time a
PIC microcontroller has been so tricked out.
The Back Side
(Switch at lower left is used to set time.)
The overall layout and functioning is similar to
POV Clock.  The four-digit display is multiplexed.  
One improvement is the switch on the back used
for setting the time.  Watch the video here.
C Code for Julianne Clock