Dixie Horn
PIC Projects
Now I realize you can buy yourself a horn to play the first twleve notes of "Dixie" like the General Lee had.  But I
wanted to make my own.  I got a weather-proof speaker (cone is plastic rather than paper) and rigged up a PIC
to belt out the square wave version of the tune.  Since it's got to be loud to be heard from under the hood, a
transistor acts as an amp, delivering more current to the speaker that the PIC output pin can drive.  The green
wire is to be led back to the interior of the car where I'll install the button.

This is a work in progress.  I'm not satisfied since the tune is clearly
beeped out, rather than trumpeted out like
a horn should sound.  I need to figure out how the waveform should look such that it sounds to the ear like a
horn.  If anyone can give advice, I'd love to hear it.  Meanwhile I'm working on some other projects that might
help me figure it out.
How it currently sounds: